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Land Rover

Performing factory-recommended maintenance interval services is crucial to maintaining your Land Rover’s performance. Our ASE and Bosch certified technicians are fully capable of performing these necessary services on your Land Rover, while maintaining your factory warranty. These services are recommended every 7,500 miles and are the minimum recommendations for your Land Rover, assuming “normal” driving conditions. Unlike Mercedes Benz, BMW and other European imports, Land Rover has a specific maintenance schedule for its vehicles. It does depend on year make and model what your vehicle is due. If you contact use via email we can send you a link with all of your maintenance needs.

If your Land Rover is having performance issues, Duffy’s Garage can perform a variety of repairs to bring your Land Rover back to its maximum performance level. These repairs can be as simple as changing a filter and adding fluids to as large as replacing your water pump and reprograming your computer system. No matter the repair, our technicians are prepared with factory parts and tools.

We have dealership equivalent computer technology allowing us to not only diagnose you vehicle accurately but also perform software updates and the newest codes to your vehicle. Our staff is constantly being updated from our technical support team about continuing education when it comes to the late model Land Rovers.

Why pay dealer prices? Bring your Land Rover to Duffy’s Garage for the high-quality service and personal touch that only a smaller, independent shop can give you.

Diagnostic Service
Because a Land Rover has a unique, rather complex computer system, it needs special factory diagnostic tools and scanners that many independent shops don’t have. Duffy’s Garage has ALL of the factory diagnostic tools and scanners that the Rover dealer has in order to properly diagnose you Land Rover. These tools give Duffy’s Garage the capability to read your codes, accurately diagnose the problem and efficiently repair your Land Rover. We have invested in these tools because we truly care for our customers and their car care experience.